ePost #2

ePort #2

Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies

Robert Jaarsma 


In both of the articles that we read, they both stress the importance of moving into an online world. It opens many opportunities to reach more people in a much easier manner. One of the main points in Matthew Cheney’s article is that he hopes “Some students will say no”. Personally, this is the opinion I have been leaning towards. I am not one who likes to work online. I find myself getting confused and it is easy for me to miss something or put information in the wrong place. Cheney makes a good environment for the class by saying that “For me to give credit to my students’ work, I need them to be public with me, but that does not mean they need to be public to the world.”. This is a statement that makes me curious to open up to the internet and put my information out there. Having the choice to put stuff out there is a great backbone to the IDS class. Another topic that we have discussed is that when we leave the university what will happen to our web domain. In the article, THE WEB WE NEED TO GIVE STUDENTS, they discuss the issue of what happens to the student’s work after the semester has ended. “A student’s work exists only inside a learning management system and cannot be accessed once the semester is over.” This is something that will make every student nervous. After putting countless hours of work to have it all disappear would be devastating. Being able to make this work with us and use it after the semester is over and after we have graduated college will be incredibly beneficial. Both of the articles are about making the students have the right to be in control of there information and how and where it is used. We can use this information at any point in time whenever and wherever we want. By allowing us to have total control over our information that is going online it makes me feel much more confident in utilizing these online tools.

Post 1: Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies

Intro Interdisciplinary Studies


Robert W Jaarsma


After completing the two assignments for the first week of classes I am excited but also a little nervous about how well this course will go. I have never really been a technologically inclined person. I can go onto a computer and probably figure some things out but it takes me a lot of time and I am always reaching out to others that I know have more knowledge. So with this class where we will be constructing our own websites and using them to display who we are what we do and how well we can do it there will be a lot for me to learn. The way that we are using hypothesis got me intrigued on the tools that we will be using for this class. The more knowledge you have to use a computer the better off you will be in today’s society. If you know how to do something on a computer that will save you time and make you faster than the other person, you will be more likely to be more successful. Also there is so much that goes into designing a website that having any of those tools in your pocket will give you a step up to making your sales pitch when you are trying to obtain job and spark your employers interest in you so they’ll hire you. 

Now to talk about the image that I went out and found. I searched online to find something that connects to me. I wanted to find something that I like doing and that captures maybe who I am a little bit. After thinking about what makes me me I realized that it would have to be a picture of someone doing something outside. Then they would also have to be doing something that I like to do. There are a few things that pop into my mind when I think about the hobbies that I like to do outside and those are skiing, running, mountain bikes, motorcycles, and a few others. Right now I am in a leg splint due to knee surgery making it so I can’t do any of these activities which is a wicked bummer. The one that has been on my mind the most recently is that I have not been able to run. Running for me is something that clears my mind and makes me a much happier healthier person with every aspect of my life. Not being able to do this has definitely had its low points but I’ve found ways to overcome those obstacles. This image that has no copyrights tied to it is significant to me because it shows what I like to do and why I am striving to recover from my knee injury. Then reflecting back to the class If I am able to have my knee be sliced and diced open then stitched back together I will definitely be able to design a website. There will be obstacles throughout this school year be it with classes or with physical or mental struggles but like everyone else we will all push through these struggles and gain knowledge on the way.

Metzler, Brian. “A Runner Runs on a High-Altitude Route in Chamonix, France.” Unsplash,


This past week Brodi and I worked extremely hard on our video. There was a ton of takes and retakes but after basically an entire day we finished it up. I was the person on camera and Brodi did all the editing.  I think that our video is quite good and relays our message quite well. This upcoming week we will be watching everyone video and finishing up any lose ends before the class ends.


This past week we have started working on our posters that will be printed on Monday.  Our plan is to rent the equipment that we need to make the video this coming week.


This past week was the final countdown for our chapters. Brodi and I finished ours up and with the help of the writing center I think it is perfect. These upcoming days we will be working on our video showing what planned obsolescence is.


This past week Brodi and I have made lots of progress in starting our chapter. There is a video called The Light Bulb Conspiracy that gave us lots of information. We also gave our fellow students feedback on there chapters what we thought was wrong or what they could do better. Coming up in the next week we will get the assignment back that will contain what other students thought our mistakes were so we will fix our chapter before handing it in .


This past week we continued working on our research paper. Brodi and I started to find some sources that talked about planned obsolescence and are forming a rough draft of how we want our chapter to be laid out. This is definitely not the most important thing that happened in class. We had a conversation on wednesday about applying ourselves. So far my college career has been a little overwhelming. There is so much happening all the time. It is such a change from what i’m used to. That conversation made me realize that I can’t just write a paper then hand it in I need to proofread the hell out of it. Writing is definitely my weakness which is okay it just means I need to spend more time in that area. So far with the work that I have done I work on it but I always try to do to many things at once. For example I will be writing this assignment but also working on a math exam. This makes it so I don’t focus on one thing at a time. If I take the time to focus on one thing at a time and then once that one thing is done move on to the next the final outcome will be that I am producing much higher quality work instead a jumbled mess. This next bit might sound like a jumbled mess but the amount of responsibility that has been given to me as a college student was a lot less than I expected but at the same time it’s a lot more. I knew going into college that the responsibility to do well is all on you and you affect what your grade is in the class. As numb as it may make me seem that didn’t really set in until now. So to sum it up I need to change the way that I have been going about working on assignments for classes and change my studying techniques to best suit my strengths and weaknesses.


This past week we were working made our abstract. We meet up in the library and started to form a plan about what we wanted our chapter to contain and what the layout was going to be. Everything seems to be working out well and the chapter is starting to come together. Our plans for the future are to get a rough draft together then have us both proof read it then hand it in and see what others say about it.



The past week we were assigned our groups that we will be doing our research project with. We also selected what we are going to be doing. Brodie and I are partners and we are doing planned obsolescence. We have developed a plan that will explain what were talking about, when it was introduced, and what role it plays in today society. This coming week we are planning on getting together and getting our chapter typed up so it can be proofread and revised before being published.


This last week we did not have class but out annotated bibliography was due. After many hours of searching the library database I found multiple points that backed up the ideas I had developed earlier. In my opinion the best specs that I found was how to harvest timber whilst having the smallest impact on the environment. This method is called heli logging. Using a helicopter to transport the timber out of the forest to a landing. It is a very expensive method but it eliminates the need for roads which have a huge impact on the surrounding area. There were a lot of interesting ideas and sources available in the database.