This past week we started working on our three topics that we wanted our research paper to elaborate on. We came to class with some ideas in our minds then talked to a different partner about what we were thinking of doing and got their feedback. Then the other person would give us their idea and we would critique them. This helped narrow everything in and get it so there was one main idea. For myself I had one idea that covered too many categories so with the help of my partner I was able to narrow everything into a much more organized final product. Now we are going to start working on our annotated bibliographies using the library database.


This past week we did an activity where everybody goes around the room and put sticky notes on posters. Each poster that was located around the room had a different title production, consumption, marketing, etc. Our groups went around and brainstormed different ideas and put them up on the poster then when we went to another poster that had sticky notes on it we could do some organizing and move the ideas around. This activity gave an in depth look at the problem with stuff and also gave many different view points from many different people. This activity was so we could see all of the different aspects so when we go to wright our paper we can use this prior information to help see what interests us and start researching it.


The last time we were together we chose our groups and came up with an idea to look at over the course of the semester. We are still talking about different ways that we can form a final project like a poster, web sight, video etc.

Week 2 Post

Over the past week we have been looking at how to design the class and what our expectations are for academic achievement and social responsibility. I think that the way that the class is going to work out will and will be quite fun to be in. Also the people in the class seems to function well and will be quite fun to work with. There are many ideas for what we will be doing for a project and I am interested to see what we come up with.