This past week we continued working on our research paper. Brodi and I started to find some sources that talked about planned obsolescence and are forming a rough draft of how we want our chapter to be laid out. This is definitely not the most important thing that happened in class. We had a conversation on wednesday about applying ourselves. So far my college career has been a little overwhelming. There is so much happening all the time. It is such a change from what i’m used to. That conversation made me realize that I can’t just write a paper then hand it in I need to proofread the hell out of it. Writing is definitely my weakness which is okay it just means I need to spend more time in that area. So far with the work that I have done I work on it but I always try to do to many things at once. For example I will be writing this assignment but also working on a math exam. This makes it so I don’t focus on one thing at a time. If I take the time to focus on one thing at a time and then once that one thing is done move on to the next the final outcome will be that I am producing much higher quality work instead a jumbled mess. This next bit might sound like a jumbled mess but the amount of responsibility that has been given to me as a college student was a lot less than I expected but at the same time it’s a lot more. I knew going into college that the responsibility to do well is all on you and you affect what your grade is in the class. As numb as it may make me seem that didn’t really set in until now. So to sum it up I need to change the way that I have been going about working on assignments for classes and change my studying techniques to best suit my strengths and weaknesses.

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