Building a Personal Learning Network

Building a Personal Learning Network

Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies

Robert Jaarsma


In researching the best ways that I can find information in the field that I am going into is on the platforms of Instagram and Facebook. A lot of the work that I want to go into is experiential outdoor activities. The best way that others can connect to this is through pictures and stories. Instagram is a platform where pictures are posted and you are able to navigate through other people’s experiences, products, ideas quickly and efficiently. Building a follower fanbase is not that difficult to accomplish. You need to post quality photos and people who share interests in the same subject will see what you are doing and will look into your profile. By having quality pictures and videos taken and posted will put your name out there for people to see, share, and become inspired. 

Instagram has its limitations though. You can not post an entire story onto the platform. The majority of the time it will not be read. You can put a link to it off of a post but still, it will not be read very often. Instagram is in a way impatient. It is a way to see interesting photos and videos quickly without getting bogged down in the words. This is where Facebook will be more beneficial. Facebook is a platform where you can put longer stories that people can read through. These stories for me would be something along the lines of an adventure than a client and myself went on or personal experience. This will allow the reader to connect and want to participate theoretically bringing me more business. This is also a way to get attention from bigger companies. If you tag them the will see what you’re doing and they might reach out for sponsorship. These are the two best platforms that I have found to help me create my PLN.

When I am making my PLN I want it to be as public as possible so as to get my name out there and start having people see who I am. This will allow me to connect with other people in the easiest manner. If it is easy for me to find them I want it to be easy for them to find me. By being incredibly public will make it easy for someone to stumble onto my account while they are searching the web. This will allow for faster growth and quicker connecting. My plan for getting these connections started is to post once a week on this platform. I will be using the activities that I am participating in weekly to constantly have a news feed. Posting something every week will help with getting my name out there. The more content you have and the more regularly you post the more attention you will draw to your profile.

The feedback that I am looking for with my PLN is to see that people are looking at the content that I am posting and giving feedback or getting inspired. This can be measured through comments and likes. The more that people start to discuss what is on my page the more likely I am to have my platforms grow. I will be able to tell if things are not going well on my platforms if there is little to no activity. The more you can get the people talking, not even about me but talking on my page, the more interest and visitors it will bring. All of this is how I am going to start, measure, and manage the success and popularity of my PLN.

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