Capstone Rough Draft

Three main things I want out of my capstone:

Benefits other students
Benefits myself
Will last longer than a presentation

I would like to introduce a plan to the Interdisciplinary office at Plymouth state university to become a long term contract and resource if the IDS office. My goal will be to help students in the future by creating a web page shows,

Who I am and what I do
What lead me to Plymouth State University
What major I was
What problem was presented to me within my major that forced me to look for another solution
Finding IDS
Becoming part of IDS
Dialing in all of my classes
The point that I am at today
The present project partly is done
Finish project at the end of the year

This will hopefully be the first step in becoming an ambassador of the IDS program so I can be a resource for students who might not know what direction they want to take in their academic career. When I was looking at changing my major the only reason that I knew about becoming an IDS major was that a friend who was currently an IDS major told me about it so I had to hunt it down. There was no clear path of how it was going to work and was incredibly scary when changing my major. If I could give someone in this position more insight on what changing their major will give and take it would be very fulfilling.

September 30th has a rough outline of the website with content to put on it
September 30th – October 21 start developing web sight and more refined content
October 21 – November 11 make an overall presentation of the website complete with finished content uploaded
November 11- 18 prepare presentation

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