ePost #2

ePort #2

Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies

Robert Jaarsma 


In both of the articles that we read, they both stress the importance of moving into an online world. It opens many opportunities to reach more people in a much easier manner. One of the main points in Matthew Cheney’s article is that he hopes “Some students will say no”. Personally, this is the opinion I have been leaning towards. I am not one who likes to work online. I find myself getting confused and it is easy for me to miss something or put information in the wrong place. Cheney makes a good environment for the class by saying that “For me to give credit to my students’ work, I need them to be public with me, but that does not mean they need to be public to the world.”. This is a statement that makes me curious to open up to the internet and put my information out there. Having the choice to put stuff out there is a great backbone to the IDS class. Another topic that we have discussed is that when we leave the university what will happen to our web domain. In the article, THE WEB WE NEED TO GIVE STUDENTS, they discuss the issue of what happens to the student’s work after the semester has ended. “A student’s work exists only inside a learning management system and cannot be accessed once the semester is over.” This is something that will make every student nervous. After putting countless hours of work to have it all disappear would be devastating. Being able to make this work with us and use it after the semester is over and after we have graduated college will be incredibly beneficial. Both of the articles are about making the students have the right to be in control of there information and how and where it is used. We can use this information at any point in time whenever and wherever we want. By allowing us to have total control over our information that is going online it makes me feel much more confident in utilizing these online tools.

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