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Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies 

Robert Jaarsma


After reading the article the topic that stood out to me the most was the praise in today’s society and how it affects younger people and grown people. All through our time as a kid, we receive daily praise. This could be through our parents, friends, coworkers, bosses, or our teachers. It states that 85 percent of parents feel that they are required to give there kids praise for there accomplishments daily. They feel that if they do this their kids will think that they are not appreciated. This is the early development of daily prase that will not be carried on once they go into the workplace. Once one leaves the shelter of there home and is thrown into an adult world there is no everyday praise. This leads to the worker thinking that they are not doing well and will feel disappointment with there job. This also happens in school if the teacher does not commend their students’ work. The student will feel as if they are not doing sufficiently and tend to give up on the class they are not receiving praise in. A very interesting way that we act and think about how others think of our performances. 

The article goes into how failure can trump dedication, therefore, killing performance and success. There have been times that I have studied really hard for a test and after taking it I learned that I did not do well. After failing like this it is so easy to get down on the class and not want to continue it any further. I need to keep my GPA as high as possible so I continue on but it really puts a damper on your excitement to continue learning. Falling behind is an easy thing to do and can be catastrophic for your college career. It such an easy trap that many students will easily fall into. You need lots of determination to be able to push through this and try again in order to be successful. 

At the end of the article, it says that there is no success without lots of effort. You need to be fully committed to the task you are trying to accomplish to excel. This is difficult for lots of us if we are not fully interested in a subject we will not pay attention to it and push our interests to other places. It doesn’t matter how smart you are if you do not wont to learn and succeed you simply will not. I had a roommate who was incredibly bright but he simply never did his homework. If he did do it he would wait till the very last moment to get it done. He is incredibly smart and the subjects that he was really interested in he would know the ins and outs. Lots of these were not academic more so along the lines of rock climbing. He was so good at retaining information but lacked motivation. Very interesting to see this in effect.

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