One of the things that COVID 19 has sparked is a massive wave of people going into the outdoors. The best example is when looking at the bike industry during the 2020 season. Within the first few weeks of COVID becoming a real pandemic every bike in every size and model began to sell out. Then everything that we supplied such as spare tubes or tires was all flying off the shelves. Then all across America bike shops were completely sold out. There was nothing available for anybody to buy. It was also incredibly difficult to repair someone’s service bike due to the lack of availability of components. COVID definitely has had a major effect on the tourism industry making it so many businesses were destroyed but I think that there will be a huge rebound. More people will want to go to more places and see more. They have a new desire to participate in adventure sports. The world may be operating in a much different manner now but I believe that there will be huge amounts of growth within the tourism industry especially Adventure Tourism. Creating a new way to engage people and help guide them into an outdoor community will be a huge business. Seeing the massive influx of participants opens two main doors. The first is for the beginners and intermediate participants who are new or slightly seasons in the activity they are participating in. Then there are the people who are much more experienced in the activity they take place in and might be looking for other options to avoid the crowd. An example of this will be the upcoming ski year. Based on how many people are headed to the mountains now in the summer more and more people will be headed to the hills. This will push the people who are experienced away from the stereotypical resort settings and out into more extreme nonconventional settings such as backcountry skiing and other options as such. Being able to come up with a creative solution to capitalize on these new ways to capitalize on this new wave of participants will be key to creating a successful business within my field.

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