Intro to Introdiciplanary Studies 


Robert Jaarsma


Quick check-in and update on my physical wellbeing and the progression with recovery on my knee. I am almost four months out from the dat of operation which means that I will be able to start running soon. Developing my muscles that were lost due to the atrophy from having my leg immobile and the muscles not being fired. I lost nearly two inches of girth on my right leg but now my quade is only a mere one and three-quarter centimeters smaller. This is huge process based on the way that your muscles help your knee cap track when your leg is moving. If one muscle is smaller then the other on your quad it will pull the knee cap the wrong way making it pop out of the track that it needs to follow. This is a very unpleasant uncomfortable experience that I would definitely not recommend to anyone. 

Based on the amount of muscle that I have gained back it has made my knee much more stable and reliable when it is moving. This is why I’ll be able to start running in just a short time. The running program that I am on will take quite a bit of time and will require lots of patience. It will first start out with me doing about five minutes of a very slow jog for only five minutes then I will stop and monitor for swelling then reevaluate and either continue to push or get the ice on it to keep the swelling at bay. It will take eight weeks of following a very rigorous program that will have lots of restrictions on time and speed. This is an awesome start to being able to get out and start running and being physical again. 

I think that the hardest challenge that I will face with getting back into running is the fact that I am going to be running on a treadmill for a long time. This has been something that I have never really been able to do because for me it is truly so dull. Running on that stationary thing while it makes that noise that everyone knows is absolute torture. Every time I ever see someone running on a treadmill I think to myself ‘you should really think about running outside’. Running in the outdoors is much more beneficial to your mental health benefits as well. Just spending time getting the fresh air and being outside has been proven time and time again that there are numerous health benefits. I will be facing some difficulties in the near future but it is all about getting better and getting back to where I once was. So in T-minus three weeks, the legs will start moving again!

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