Summary Synthesis

Senior Seminar

Robert Jaarsma

For my Interdisciplinary Major, I created Adventure Tourism. This was a program that I designed to set me up for what I wanted to do exactly. I say exactly because there was no major that was offered that allowed me to truly feel qualified for my career goal. I was a big skier and outdoorsman all throughout high school and when I started to look at colleges I knew I wanted skiing and the outdoors to be a part of it. I could not find a major that would truly tie these two together. So I went into Adventure Education. After some time in the major, I switched to IDS and created Adventure Education. This gave me the outdoor skills to have confidence in properly leading trips in a wilderness setting and understanding the impacts on the local economy. This taught me how to run a sustainable business not only from the environmental side but also how to conduct sustainable business in a local economy. Here is my Adventure Tourism Proposal Essay.

    The reason I decided to create a website that would tell my story for my capstone is that I had some difficulty finding the IDS program. When I was first told that I needed to drop out of school for a semester due to physical injury, making it so I could not participate was not easy. It was not in the cards for me to be able to go to school for five years. Switching majors was not an option for two reasons. One there was nothing that I wanted to switch into. Two all of the credits that I had earned would go towards nothing. I could not do this so because of a friend mentioning it I reached out to Matt to get more information. Overall it was a pure chance for me that I found the IDS major which saved my college career. This is why I created a website that would briefly tell my story. Hopefully, it will help someone who is in a similar position and give them an idea about the possibilities that the major provides. This is a link to my Capstone Project.
    This project overall has made me reflect on a few things that Plymouth has taught me. The first is that I have never been good with technology. Taking on creating a website was definitely a big task for me. Throughout figuring out how to create this major and hitting more roadblocks than I care to count determination was the key to overcoming dilemmas. It was very frustrating and took patience and determination to be able to create this website. Being able to talk about what my journey was and what it led me to with confidence was something else that I gained through taking my classes. I am so confident in talking about what I have done, what I studied, and why I studied it. Through being in the IDS major it has allowed me to be in an eleven credit internship within the ski industry. This is a footstep and a way to create a good reference so as to keep working up through a resort. It has created opportunities to be in my ultimate career goal of working in the heli-skiing industry as well all through making connections. The doors that this major has opened to me are absolutely unreal. I am so happy with how everything turned out and am prepared for the future. 

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